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Young Entrepreneurship Program

/November 23, 2023 - December 18, 2023/

Welcome, Future-Minded Parents! 🌟 

Thank you for considering the Young Entrepreneurship Program for your budding innovator. Dive into the details below to understand what our program offers and how it can provide your child with an unmatched foundation in entrepreneurship.

Program Overview:

The Young Entrepreneurship Program is a specialized course designed for children aged 8-14. Crafted with precision, this program unfolds over 8 distinct live online classes, each focusing on a unique aspect of entrepreneurship, ensuring a holistic understanding of the business world.

Why Live Classes?

  • Personalized Interaction: Live sessions enable our mentors to interact in real-time, answer questions, and provide feedback. This interactive environment fosters a deeper understanding and encourages active participation.

  • Real-time Collaboration: Children can work together on projects, brainstorm ideas, and share their thoughts instantly, replicating a genuine business environment.

  • Immediate Feedback: Instant feedback from mentors can guide students swiftly, helping them refine their ideas and strategies on the go.

Next training: November 23, 2023 - December 18, 2023

Every Monday and Thursday at 7 PM EST (4 PM PST) via Zoom meeting. 

Enrollment & Pricing:

Enrollment Fee is $220

(100% guaranteed refund within 72 hours of the first class)

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