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Learner Privacy Guide

Last Updated September 19, 2023

This guide is dedicated for learners!


Welcome to Kingford Academy! Your privacy is important. We want you to understand what information we collect from you and your Parent / Legal Guardian who signed you up or created your account, why we collect it, and what we do with it. No one is eligible to sign you up or create account unless they have legal right to do so.


What Information We Collect from Your Trusted Adults

When your Parent / Legal Guardian creates an Kingford Academy account, they give us information about you, like your name and your age. They may also share other information about you. Your Parent / Legal Guardian can also email any questions or information about you to your teacher or someone who might be your teacher. They always have access to your account and whatever happens there, including any messages to teachers.


What Information We Collect from You

During class, the things you do and say are shown live and recorded on video – just by being in class. And if you join any activities, such as groups or camps, we also collect data from you through that activity.


We also get data about how you use Kingford Academy, like what new classes you check out or words you use when you search for new classes.


How We Use Your Information

We use your information to help keep Kingford Academy safe, and to make Kingford Academy better for you and everyone else. For example, we record your classes so that we can make sure class went smoothly.


What Information We Share and with Whom

We take privacy seriously and you should too. Remember your class or activities are being recorded. Don’t share sensitive and private information like your or family, friends’ home address, email address, phone number during class or activities. If you’re not sure what to share, ask your Parents / Legal Guardians.


Your Parent / Legal Guardian may get to see your class videos and private messages between you and Teacher, or others.

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